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Payroll Interfaces

Datev, Navision, PAISY, Lexware, SAP, Taylorix ...

PMS Interfaces

Fidelio, Protel, Casablanca, Gastro.Profi, HMS-Infor, Citadel, HOSTPMS ...

LDAP Interface
SAP Interfaces


On- or Offline, star or bus

When it’s about integration of access management, time management and building security, online systems are the best choice. The one-time additional expenditure for cabling pays off quickly during daily operation, due to the efficient handling, the functions and evaluation options, as well as the lower follow-up costs.

On the other hand, offline-access systems are usually easier to install and are especially suitable for small objects, less frequented part-areas or the quick and uncomplicated replacement during ongoing hotel business.

MIDITEC serves both worlds and lets them blend smoothly if needed. You have the choice of the topology: MIDITEC systems support both star and bus shaped technologies, which can even be combined within complicated systems.


Our special industrial solutions are compatible with many external systems. This is why, for instance, the integration of various payroll systems is just as possible as the connection to SAP. In the area of security technology, we offer various interfaces to Bosch Rubin / BIS und CCTV Mobotix as well as an OPC UA interface. Altogether, there are at present over 80 different existing interfaces.

Payroll Interfaces

Our Time Management is compatible to all current wageand content systems and allows the reliable transmission of all wage-related data.


The LDAP Interface makes it possible to import once or periodically personnel master data form popular directories for your access control. With individual filters the import can be limited to certain business divisions, for example departments. We therefore support the directories Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory Services and Apache Directory Server.


Our ​​standardized hotel interface supports the check in and check out of the Hotel Property Management systems of Fidelio, Protel, Casablanca, Gastro.Profi, HMS Infor, Citadel, HOSTPMS.

Others on request.

Import Interface Pro

Personnel master data is easy to import from external systems with our import interface. The import can take place once or periodically at defined times. By means of log data and test runs it is possible to locate faulty imports.


By means of our certified SAP-Interface you can easily import personnel master data and access groups into our access control system.

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