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milock Door Terminals

Keys get lost again and again. The same is true for cards. But whereas a lost key lets you search and worry, a lost card can easily be blocked in the system and a new one created. With the locking systems milock Focus and milock Wireless Lock by MIDITEC complicated access and key administration belongs to the past.

milock Focus / Wireless Lock are modern, compact locking systems for hotels. They comprise an electronic mortise lock, a door handle set and a reading rosette. It not only looks appealing but also is very efficient: To unlock the room door it is enough to hold the chip card in front of the rosette. Then you open the door with the door handle. On request, our door terminals can be integrated completely into the powerful online system MTZ Hotel Solution by MIDITEC. Thus, it will be possible to realise even more complex, networked solutions with extended features for access management, time recording and building security at a later date. Your investment is safe in the future.

milock Door Terminals

The milock Locking Systems offer you many advantages:

• Cost-effective, comfortable solutions with high utility for guests and personnel
• Aesthetically attractive design, on demand individually adaptable
• Small follow-up costs by low-maintenance, energy-saving operation
• Fast, uncomplicated installation, even with the hotel still open
• Technically high-quality components by leading German suppliers
• Long-term investment stable in value, scalable and extendable at any time

milock Focus can easily be mounted on existing standard boreholes and thus enables a proper refitting even while the hotel is open. The battery-powered reading unit is energy-saving in standby mode and allows a largely maintenance-free operation of at least 2 years or 20,000 locking cycles.

Our milock Wireless Lock door terminal even goes one step further. It can be operated with online and offline components and is a fully adequate, maintenance-friendly alternative to wired electric door strikes. The wireless lock which can be linked electrically combines the advantages of a self-locking panic lock with the wireless control of the outside door handle. Thus, the access authorisation control can be implemented securely without wiring and mounting effort. The lock can even be mounted in existing fireproof doors without losing the fire protection approval.

You can download our current brochure here: milock Focus / Wireless Lock .