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Time & Attendance with MTZ® Time

With MTZ® Time flexible working hours can be recorded and planned. Whereby, shift work and overtime can be taken into account as much as flexitime, absence and allocated working times. The working time models of MTZ® Time are freely parameterizable and can be individually customised to suit your company.

MTZ® Time automatically calculates working hours, overtime and absence time and forwards these to the accounting system. All calculations are tailored precisely to the company’s attendance models and salaries. Clearly arranged daily, monthly or yearly displays provide a quick overview and the possibility to carry out manual corrections. MTZ® Time offers convenience for everyone involved, from the preplanning of the working hours and absence times, the current calculation, right up to the subsequent analysis. Therefore, MTZ® Time reduces the administrative effort and at the same time, ensures more flexibility.

Product Data Acquisition with MTZ® PDA

The Product Data Acquisition enables the simple recording of PDA bookings. For instance cost centre or cost unit bookings that are recorded either on hardware equipment (terminals) or on a PC per web terminal module. With PDA, frequent processes can be preconfigured with the “Favourite” button, so that with just a few clicks a complete booking can be generated.

From the recorded PDA times, the basic module MTZ® Time calculates PDA-time-intervals, which are then available for evaluation or for transferring to the wage and salary system. Authorisation profiles determine which PDA bookings individual employees are allowed to carry out.

MTZ® Smart Time

MTZ® Smart Time is the HTML front-end to MTZ® Time. It has an easy to operate web interface and can be used with any common pc as well as with all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that have a web browser. The only requirement is a connection to the MTZ® server per intranet or internet. With MTZ® Smart Time bookings such as “Clock in” and “Clock out” can be carried out, also in combination with absence reasons such as “Short business trip” or “Break” etc. All bookings are checked on entry by the system, so that incorrect entries can be avoided. This saves time consuming corrections later. Because of a special link it is possible to start the application with just one click and for instance, to go directly to the booking page. In connection with the module MTZ® PDA not only time, but all PDA bookings including quantity postings, can be carried out with Smart Time. For further information, please see the description of the module MTZ® PDA. When activated and with the appropriate hardware for the equipment in use, GPS data can also be recorded with the bookings. These can be displayed and checked in a map view in MTZ® Time. The following licences are possible: Number of participants for Smart Time; Option PDA; with or without the option of processing of GPS data.

Payroll Interfaces

The MTZ® modules provide a lot of important information for your time management and personnel planning. Of course, all data relevant to salary calculation can be passed on to the appropriate software programs where they are then processed as usual. For this purpose, there are numerous interfaces for practically all well-known payroll systems available, from ABIS to DATEV, IBM, SAP® or Voks. Depending on the payroll system, the transfer occurs either weekly, monthly or within a freely definable time period.

Import Interface Pro

With the Import Interface Pro, master data from third-party systems can be imported to MTZ® BS, either onetime or periodically. Format and transition type are individually adjustable: Import of files in text format (ASCII-file); Import type CSV or fixed length, line by line import; interactive assignment of record types and master data fields.

LDAP Import Interface

With the LDAP interface, data can be imported from directory services into the personnel master data of the MTZ® BS. The relevant textboxes can be interactively linked and source data limited by filters. This way, e.g. only employees of a certain department/company may be imported. Target data can be protected, so that personnel can be managed independently from LDAP. The data can be synchronised either automatically time controlled* or manually.

Examples for common directory services that can be addressed by the LDAP interface:
Microsoft Active Directory (MAD)
Novell Directory Services (NDS) and
Apache Directory Server (ADS)

An automatic card authorisation after the import can be arranged. The data exchange takes place through standardised TCP/IP.

We recommend the additional assignment of the import interface Pro.

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