Car park Management with MTZ® Car Park

MTZ® Car Park offers the best platform to allow only authorized persons access and to manage car park capacities optimally.

With MTZ® Car Park, the gatekeeper has a tool for visitor management, registration and access evaluation, without having to take care of the system configuration and access management. These are set up in MTZ® Access by security administrators. Optionally, it’s also possible to simply issue visitor cards and visitor passes.

Car park Management

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MTZ® Car Park

With MTZ® Car Park you are expand your access control system with a simple and comfortable parking management for your employees. Parking charges can easily be recorded and handed over to the billing system interface.

Access reader and efficient parking

By means of the access reader is checked if the employee is allowed to enter the parking area. When the car park is full the access control system will no longer allow cars to enter the parking area. Via the access control system the Parking space occupancy can be checked at any time.

Parking time

The employees parking time will be recorded by entry- and exit-readers and can be charged with a cost schedule. It is possible to pay the parking costs by a monthly fixed amount or by the exact parking time.

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