Customized Solutions from MIDITEC

Our consulting begins with the first conversation. Our experienced marketing consultants listen to your assignment of tasks and the connected aims and requirements. On this basis, together with our technical team, we develop an optimal solution and present it to you with all the appropriate modules.

And because almost every task is individual, we at MIDITEC have developed a modular system that, in the end, is always a bit different than many other solutions. This approach enables us to develop customized solutions with already existing modules, which are however continuously further developed.

The demand-oriented product – customer proximity from A to Z

The implementation of individual customer demands is a recurrent theme, from the project planning to the after-sales support. It starts with the qualified consulting after a thorough analysis of the requirements. The professional project management follows, a part of which is the commissioning of the hardware and the installation of the software. Employee training, with consideration of their individual requirements ensure the optimal use of the systems, supported by practical documentation and the customer-oriented Hotline-Service. Apart from the headquarters in Bremen, there are nationwide distributors to take care of the geographical proximity to the customers.

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