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Your smartphone as allrouder.

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Allow people to have an easy and flexible access via smartphone, without compromising security.
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Access and room automation via Smartphone

The Mroomote® app by MIDITEC is a mobile access and room control management system to unlock doors with a smartphone and control room climate, lights, blinds and many other room components. Mroomote® can be used for a large number of applications: Along with guest rooms it can be used for conference rooms, elevators, parking facilities and main entrances as well as offices and storage areas. The Mroomote® app is a smart alternative to RFID identification media.

To unlock doors with a smartphone, the Mroomote® app is all your employees or guests need. The Mroomote® app uses the Bluetooth interface (BLE) integrated in many smartphones for communicating with the electronic door components. As soon as an access point is within reach, it will be displayed on the smartphone. The software is easy to control and secured by end-to-end encryption. The app can store multiple mobile keys for different doors in various objects.

The room control offers you the possibility to control all room components via smartphone or tablet. If, for example, reading lamps or blinds are to be controlled via the panels, this can be displayed with a suitable symbol.

Mroomote with room automation

Now with NFC and Priority-Key!

With the help of an NFC tag, you can now open the door directly by briefly holding your smartphone. All you need is a smartphone equipped with Near Field Technology, NFC for short. The complete range of NFC functionalities is currently only supported by Android. Apple is currently doing the same with Android and we expect to be able to offer the phenomenal user experience of our Android app Mroomote soon one to one on iOS. A small consolation is our priority-key concept, with which you can currently open doors declared under Android and iOS by simply launching the app. This feature was developed with regard to car park / garage entrances and main entrances, but there is nothing wrong with marking your own office or hotel room with the Priority flag.

MIDITEC’s latest RFID door locks and room components are Mroomote® compatible and are used on a variety of door and room types, to give facility managers a flexible choice of entry and control options.


Your benefits:

  • flexible access authorizations for all doors
  • individual room scenarios
  • Control of light, climate, blinds and other room components
  • ideal for hotels, apartment buildings and other properties
  • encryption of authorization rights in the app
  • data is transferred only to your own system
  • compliant with highest security standards as app only connects with predefined access points
  • predefined access points become visible in the app as soon as they are within reach
  • compatible with all PMS systems
  • RFID cards and transponder can be used in parallel

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