Visitor Management with MTZ® Visitor

So that your visitors may move freely within a limited area, they are granted access to certain rooms through their own individual card – however, only for the length of their visit. Employees, who are expecting visitors, can register their guest beforehand and state important details such as names and the duration of the visit. That way, the reception staff has all the important information before the person concerned arrives. With the software MTZ® Time, it is possible to check if the contact person is present. After the visiting time has elapsed, the access authorisation expires automatically.

With MTZ® Visitor, the reception department has a tool for visitor management, registration and access evaluation, without having to take care of the system configuration and access management. These are set up in MTZ Access by security administrators. Optionally, visitor cards and visitor passes can simply be issued.

Visitor Management

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MTZ® Visitor

With the MTZ® Visitor visitor management system in our access control, you can conveniently control the set limits within which visitors are free to move. At the same time, the reception staff has all the relevant information about your visitor and can directly check whether the contact person is present.

Access Authorization

With time periods and rooms you can easily define the visitors individual access area and control which areas the visitor is able to access. By the way all recorded data of the visitors can be automatically deleted after a configured time.

MTZ® ID Card Creation

With the MTZ identity card creation you can at once create new identity cards for visitors according to your wishes. The special identity card printer is able to print the identity cards with a passport photograph, single-sided or double-sided in brilliant quality.


Of cause every move of your visitors will be recorded and can be evaluated. Visitor journals make it possible to crate an access evaluation, so that you can comprehend where your visitors have been at what time.

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