Facility Security

Flexible and intelligent solutions

People, buildings and material assets are the core of every successful company. For this reason, you should trust the protection and safeguarding of these factors to an experienced partner. Benefit from MIDITECS expertise when facility security is concerned!

We supply facility security from one single source: From the planning, to the operation, up to the maintenance. Thereby, we also build on your already existing systems and advise you on areas of improvement and potential savings. We consider it as a whole; have an optimal understanding of details and can implement your solution with a maximum of efficiency.

Our benefits

  • Intrusion Alarm Technology
  • Hazard Alarm Technology

    Intrusion Alarm Technology

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    Security Technology for doors

    With special lock control systems doors can be perfectly observed in combination with the MIDITEC-Alarm System. We offer our closing contacts to supervise internal and external doors.

    Intrusion alarm

    Our highly developed intrusion detectors effectively protect buildings, objects and persons. Burglaries are detected reliably by the building security technology from our company. For best possible safety we provide special intrusion detectors according to your individual usage.

    Panic alarm

    The panic alarm form the MIDITEC-Security Technology range complements the Security system, according to work places that are in potential danger of being held up, perfectly. Because of the simple handling of the attack reporter it is easy possible to give the alarm in an emergency.

    Graphical User Interface

    OPC interfaces for security management

    The OPC UA interface allows access to the MIDITEC hardware via OPC protocol. It turns the MTZ OPC UA server on the one hand information of all device states for retrieval and provides on the other hand the control of the device by means OP on.

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    Hazard Alarm Technology

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    Security Service

    WIf the security system recognizes a danger the police or security service will be informed via specially defined canals. Timely responses to such events will prevent more damage and will make a fast recovering possible.

    Room Technology

    You can easily integrate existing room technology into our security system and combine it all in one interface. That’s why you can automatically turn off the heating or air conditioning when the last person leaves the room for example.

    Procedure in case of alarm

    In case of alarm everything has to be done very quickly. So that the security service keeps the overview in case of an emergency the system will provide action text step by step.

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    Reliable function test

    Regular checks of the hazard detection systems are imperative for a safe operation. That is why all our components of the hazard detection system support realistic function tests.

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