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Mroomote® App

Use your smartphone as a key.

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Allow people to have an easy and flexible access
via smartphone, without compromising security.

Access via Smartphone

In combination with our access software MTZ® Access, you can comfortably control your access with a smartphone using the app Mroomote®.

The Mroomote® app allows to open doors with a smartphone. For this, your employee or guest only requires the app. The Mroomote® is communicating with the electronic door components. First, the mobile key has to be downloaded via an existing internet connection. Then, the access authorization is saved on the smartphone and available even without connection to the Internet. The currently greatest possible end-to-end encryption secures the mobile key and the transmission. The app can save multiple mobile keys for different doors and installations.

The Mroomote® app can be used for a large number of applications: Along with guest rooms it can be used for conference rooms, elevators, parking facilities or main entrances as well as for offices and storage areas. The smartphone with Mroomote® can be used in parallel to or as an alternative to RFID identification media.


Your benefits:

  • flexible access authorizations for all doors
  • ideal for hotels, apartment buildings and other properties
  • encryption of authorization rights in the app
  • data is transferred only to your own system
  • compliant with highest security standards as app only connects with predefined access points
  • predefined access points become visible in the app as soon as they are within reach
  • compatible with all PMS systems
  • RFID cards and transponder can be used in parallel

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