Time Management

Operate efficiently with time

With MTZ® Time flexible working hours can be recorded and planned. Whereby, shift patterns and overtime are taken into account as much as flexi-time, absences and allocated working times. The working time models of MTZ® Time are freely parameterisable and can be individually customised to suit your company.

MTZ® Time automatically calculates working hours, overtime and absence times and forwards these to the accounting system. All calculations are tailored precisely to the company’s attendance models and salaries. Clearly arranged daily, monthly or yearly views provide a quick overview and the possibility to carry out manual corrections. MTZ® Time offers convenience to all involved, from the preplanning of the working and absence times to the current calculation right up to the subsequent analysis. Therefore, MTZ® Time reduces the administrative effort and at the same time, ensures more flexibility.

As the saying goes, “time is money”. This especially applies to working time. Whether it is the start of the working day, a break or finishing time: With a terminal in the entrance area, every coming and going can be recorded. The gained information can be used in many ways. There are numerous existing software interfaces which enable automatic transfer and further processing of the data to most of the current payment and salary systems. If the appropriate infrastructure for access management already exists, it can be used for time management and additional applications with a low degree of expenditure.

Our benefits

Time & Attendance with MTZ® Time

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Working time models

The MTZ® Time supports up to 99.999 working time models and of course, also considers fixed working times and flexi-times as well as countless tariff regulations. Because of the sophisticated daily evaluation with our time recording, overtime, absences and shift changes are automatically calculated.


With the MTZ® Time recording, you can easily plan absences such as vacations or business trips. Because of the multistage workflow of the time recording, absence requests take exactly the same way to the superior as a written request would. The holiday entitlement can also be defined by individual criteria, such as age and period of employment.


You can decide whether overtime is paid out, balanced by compensatory time off, partly or completely capped, or added to the working life time. The time management organizes these options automatically.


Various activity reports, such as the daily or monthly report and the planning overview, enable you to look up any required information on an employee at any time. With our list generator for time management, you can also make individual evaluations to suit your criteria in next to no time.

On-call duty

With our time management module On-Call Duty, any on-call shifts that have been done can be viewed at any time and can be compensated accordingly. The payment can be made according to the amount of hours the employee has on-call duty, or by the amount of actual call-outs. The On-Call Duty module manages the hours according to your specifications and forwards the correct data, as defined in the tariff and individual contracts, to the salary system.

Mobile time recording

MTZ® Smart Time is our solution for mobile time recording. Using the simple app, time bookings such as "come" and "go" can be deducted and absences such as "business trip" or "meeting" book.

If required, the exact location can be displayed in a map via the integrated position detection using GPS data.

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